Volume 45, Number 1 (1999)

Original articles

T. Takeda, T. Hasizume
Variation of localized Young’s modulus within Japanese larch lumber for glued laminated timbers    1

T. Tsujino, N. Takeuchi, T. Kawai
Bending strengths of wood beams of rectangular cross-sections by rigid body spring model II. The case where the cause of rupture is shear failure    9

T. Sasaki, A. Koizumi, J. L. Jensen, Y. Iijima, Y. Tamura, K. Komatsu
End joint with glued-in hardwood dowels in timber construction I. Bending properties of beams jointed with single row of dowels    17

L. Ma, S. Kawai, H. Sasaki
Manufacture of bamboo-cement composites VI. Effects of silica fume addition and heat-treatment on properties of hot-pressed boards    25

J. Miyazaki, T. Nakano, Y. Hirabayashi, M. Kishino
Effects of wood preservatives on adhesive properties of phenol-resorcinol-formaldehyde resin    34

T. Muranaka, K. Kurose, K. Itoh, S. Tachibana
Utilization of extractives from genus Taxus tree I. Antifungal activities of flavonoids, taxinine, and its derivatives against Cochliobolus miyabeanus and Altenaria kikuchiana    42


P. Cheng, T. Nakao, S. Kobayashi
Vibrational properties of wood in frequency ranges including ultrasonic waves    51

S. Uesugi, T. Harada, Y. Maeda, M. Yamada
Fire endurance of laminated veneer lumber    57

G.-G. Shin, S. Meguro, S. Kawachi
The effect of thiamin-binding proteins on fruit body formation of Lentinula edodes    62

Proceedings of the Society    67

Volume 45, Number 2 (1999)

Original articles

Y. Inokuchi, M. Fushitani, T. Kubo, K. Sato
Effects of water extractives on the moisture-content dependence of vibration properties of bamboo    77

M. Ozawa, M. Fushitani, T. Kubo, K. Sato
Relationship between bending creep behavior and structural factors of wood under changing moisture conditions    85

M. Yokoyama, E. Obataya, M. Norimoto
Mechanical and dielectric relaxations of wood in a low temperature range II. Relaxation due to adsorbed water    95

K. Horie, N. Nakamura, Y. Iijima
Analysis of the strength data of wood structures on limit states design I. The influence of probabilistic and statistic method on specified values    103

S. Aratake, H. Morita
Practical qualities of glulam made of sugi grown in south of Miyazaki Prefecture I. Grading of logs and selection of laminae with conversion    111

T. Hirai, P.-W. Zhang, Y. Irie, Y. Wakashima
Lateral resistance of nailed timber joints with structural wooden panels    120

H. Imanishi, Y. Sasaki
Theoretical prediction and experimental verification of flexural rigidity of wooden spaced beam    130

T. Nishimura, N. Ando, M. Okuma
Development of low-density wood based boards considering the distribution of elements IV. Strength mechanisms and limit of reducing densities of wave-element boards    141

H. Yamauchi, I. Miura, T. Hata, Y. Tamura, S. Kawai, H. Sasaki
Manufacture of cylindrical LVL by spiral-winding method II. Fast-setting adhesives for cylindrical LVL manufacture    149

S. Itoh, S. Ohara
Fiber processing characteristics with bark extractives of Acacia mearnsii De Wild.    157

H. Kumagai, K. Tsunoda
Discoloration of imported North American woods by sap-stain fungus, Graphium sp. and its prevention    164

T. Kitamura, S. Matumoto, H. Katayama
The effect of carbonizing conditions on the properties of charcoal absorbent from Cryptmeria    171


H. H. Lee, C. W. Kang
Manufacture of insulation board from rice hulls    178

Proceedings of the Society    182

Volume 45, Number 3 (1999)

Original articles

Y. Furuta, M. Kohara, K. Kanayama
Thermal-softening properties of water-swollen wood VI. The change of thermal-softening properties due to lignification with moso bamboo as a model material    193

T. Ohtani, T. Yakou, K. Tohyama, K. Ando, N. Hattori, S. Kitayama
Application of abrasive wear models for katsura wood    199

M. Kohara, K. Ando, Y. Furuta, K. Kanayama, T. Okuyama
Relationships between acoustic emission behavior and internal friction of Picea sp. under tensile pulsated load    208

K. Arai, S. Yata
Ribbon-like variegation of Pinus radiata using the adsorption of basic dyes in the capillary penetration process    215

M. Nakamura, M. Masuda
Automatic detention of wood-area in interior images    222

A. Koizumi, J. L. Jensen, T. Sasaki, Y. Iijima, Y. Matsuki, K. Komatsu
Withdrawal properties of hardwood dowels glued perpendicular to the grain    230

N. Sekino, A. Suematsu, H. Kohrai, E. Yasui
Measurements of sorption isotherms of selected commercial wood-based panels and predictions of moisture content changes in service    237

A. Sano, C. Pirve, M. Yamada, K. Taki, H. Yoshida
Bondability of metal to wood joints II. Improvement of the water resistance of epoxy resin in metal-wood joints    244

H. Miyashita, M. Suzuki
Improvement of dimensional stability, and fire retardancy by g-methacryloxypropyl trimethoxysilane for Cryptomeria japonica D. Don and its application to durability of adhesive bond  of plywood    251

Proceedings of the Society    261

Volume 45, Number 4 (1999)

Original articles

S. Hata, Y. Saito, T. Arima
Effect of alkali treatment on equilibrium moisture contents and fine structure of sugi (Cryptomeria japonica)    273

T. Yakou, T. Ohtani, Y. Suetsugu, K. Ando, N. Hattori, S. Kitayama
Grain size effects on the abrasive wear of bamboo    281

N. Sobue, K. Ikeda
Torsional vibration test of sugi boxed heart squared sawn timber    289

M. Yamasaki, Y. Sasaki, K. Ando
Mechanical properties of wood under combined axial force and torque    297

C. Zhao, K. Ando, N. Hattori, S. Kitayama
Effects of sanding conditions on concentration of restorable wood dust under belt sanding    306

Y. Iijima, N. Itagaki, Y. Okazaki, T.  Esashi, A. Koizumi, T. Sasaki, H. Mihashi
Strength properties of sugi (Cryptomeria japonica) grown in Akita Prefecture V: Production and performance evaluation of the glulam    313


H. Ikegiwa, S. Harima
Adhesion of dust particles on cutting edges while wood processing I: Identification of adhesion    324

Proceedings of the Society   328

Volume 45, Number 5 (1999)

Original articles

Y. Liu, Y. Nakayama, Y. Kanagawa, S. Fujiwara
Bending work of plantation grown chinese fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata Hook.)    359

N. Itagaki, H. Mihashi, S. Ninomiya, N. Yoshida, T. Esashi
Influence of knots on tensile strength of sugi lamina    367

K. Murata, M. Masuda, M. Ichimaru
Analysis of radial compression behavior of wood using digital image correlation method    375

H. Imanishi, Y. Sasaki
Bending properties of wooden spaced beams II: Theoretical prediction and experimental verification of failure load    382

K. Murakami, M. Ueda, H. Matsuda, M. Zhang, T. Kawasaki, S. Kawai
Manufacture and properties of three-layered particleboards with oriented face strands of veneers I: Effects of face strand / core particle rations, resin types and resin contents on the board properties    395


N. Yamada, Y. Fujii, S. Okumura, Y. Taniguchi
Estimation of drying stresses in hollowed log using finite element method I: The linear finite element analysis of the drying stress were substituted by the thermal stress    403

S. Nagahama, H. Sakai, K. Nishimura, M. Tajima
Inheritance of liu-shan (Cryptomeria fortunei) leaf diterpene hydrocarbon of complex type    409

M. Matsumoto, F. Eguchi, T. Iijima, M. Higaki
Preparation and regeneration of protoplasts from mycelia of Tricholoma matsutake    413

Proceedings of the Society   419

Volume 45, Number 6 (1999)


M. Higuchi
Phenolic resin: alkali-catalyzed phenol-formaldehyde reactions    425

Original articles

T. Yamaguchi, Y. Ishimaru, H. Urakami
Effect of temperature on dimensional stability of wood with polyethylene glycol I: Bulking effect    434

T. Yamaguchi, Y. Ishimaru, H. Urakami
Effect of temperature on dimensional stability of wood with polyethylene glycol II: Temperature dependence of PEG adsorption and mechanical properties of treated wood    441

K. Morisato, A. Hattori, Y. Ishimaru, H. Urakami
Adsorption of liquids and swelling of wood V: Swelling dependence on the adsorption    448

K. Horie, N. Nakamura, Y. Iijima
Analysis of the strength data of wood structures on limit states design II: Proposal of the method of calculating tolerance limit for Weibull distribution    455

M. Ogawa, N. Sobue
Effect of loading speed on fracture of timbers with a crack    461

M. Fukino, H. Horie, T. Sato, N. Ogawa
Production technology for strand-particle board (SPB) I: The suitable manufacturing condition and the way to reduce the thickness swelling    471

M. Kishino, Y. Hirabayashi, J. Miyazaki, T. Nakano
Effects of extractives from Ipe (Tabebuia sp.) on curing unsaturated polyester resin    479

H. Ohi, E. Todoroki
Decomposition of hardwood lignin in ethanol-water media with nitrite and nitric acid    485


Y. Sasaki, Y. Hirashima, T. Iriyama, M. Satoh
Racking performances of Japanese wooden frame walls sheathed by holed plywood    491

Proceedings of the Society   499