The Japan Wood Research Society was founded in 1955 and has about 2400 members including more than 100 overseas members. Membership is open to anyone interested in forest products science and wood technology. For more information, please contact the Society Office.

A Guide to the Campaign System (implemented from Nov./01/2019 to Mar./31/2020)

The Japan Wood Research Society (JWRS) implements the campaign system in the fiscal year of 2019 (from Apr./01/2019 to Mar./31/2020) for admission as a “Student Membership” in the period from Nov./01/2019 to Mar./31/2020.

When a graduate or undergraduate student applies to the “Student Membership” in the above-described period and pays the student membership fee (7000JPY) for a fiscal year of 2020 (from Apr./01/2020 to Mar./31/2021), he or she will have the whole student membership for the fiscal year of 2020 as well as an additional right in the fiscal year of 2019. The right is to make a presentation(s) at and participate in the 70th Annual Meeting of JWRS, accompanying payment of the registration fee for a student member. This campaign system is only for a “student membership”, but “full membership” is not eligible for this promotion.

Membership Category and Annual Dues

The following rate is applied from 2015.
  • Full Membership: JPY 10000/12000 for individuals in/outside Japan
  • Student Membership: JPY 7000/9000 for full-time students in/outside Japan
  • Supporting Membership: one or more units of JPY 30000 for individuals or corporations/organizations (with extra charge JPY 2000 for members outside Japan)
  • Institutional Membership: JPY 12000/14000 for institutions in/outside Japan

Membership dues include subscriptions of Mokuzai Gakkaishi.

How to Join or Update

To join the Japan Wood Research Society, please fill out an Online Membership Application Form for Full/Student or Institutional/Supporting Membership.

To update membership information, please log in Mypage and replace the information for the item to be changed or notify the Society Office by e-mail or fax.

If you wish to withdraw from JWRS membership, please submit a Notice of Withdrawal(Online Membership Withdrawal Form) to the Society Office.

The Japan Wood Research Society
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