About application for presentation,
submission of manuscripts

1.About application for presentation
2.About submission of manuscripts

 ※Each application is assumed to be an input only by a Japanese homepage.
 Please inquire of the organizing committee if you do not understand.

1. About application for presentation

Application period:Closed

Please do the research announcement application from the rally homepage at the same time as submitting the summary manuscript.After application, the acceptance notification is sent by E-mail. The acceptance number described in E-mail is needed when inquiring and keep it importantly.

  1. The content of the research announcement is wood technology, the one that relates to it, this academic society association member's achievement, and it limits it to the unpublished one.

  2. Please apply for the research announcement applicant from the rally homepage. In that case, please do by one transmission per one.

  3. The form of the research session is assumed to be an oral session and a poster session.。

  4. Please input the outline of the research and the key word described to understand the main result to research concretely when applying for the research announcement on the homepage(Three words or less).This outline of the research is edited in this rally, and it binds a book and it distributes it as a research announcement summary collection. The number of characters is assumed to be 200-400 Japanese words or 100-300 English words. Please refer to attention in filling in when you input it.

  5. The content of a series of research in the same section must consolidate as much as possible and reduce the announcement number. Moreover, ascending the platform in the oral session is limited to one title a person.

  6. In this rally, the schedule of the oral session of each announcement section is set. The change in the announcement form and the announcement section might be changed referring to the outline and the key word by the convenience of the program organization.After deciding the announcement form and the announcement section, we will report by E-mail.

  7. Those who ascend the platform about the oral session and the explainer of the poster session limit it to the regular member, the student member or the supporting member (3 or less a company) of this academic society. Please do registration at once to the hope of the nonmember for the announcement. The announcement application cannot be done when there is no regular membership number.

  8. In the oral session, the liquid crystal projector or the overhead projector can be used. Please inform the organizing committee of the speaker who hopes for the use of the overhead projector beforehand.

  9. The affiliated organization names such as the university, the laboratory, examination rooms, and the enterprises must use abbreviation. Please use abbreviation of the graduate school name and the university name for the university.

Best poster prize

In JWRS, "Best poster prize" is installed from this rally. The especially excellent one is commended as "Best poster prize" from among the poster announcement announced in the rally. We will wait for the members' positive applications. It commends it in a closing ceremony.

2.About submission of manuscripts


Description points and attention
  1. The summary manuscript of the oral session and the poster session must put one announcement on the A4 size page 1-2.

  2. Please make the size of PDF file to become it 500KB or less.

  3. Please separately make as a research announcement summary even when you hope for publishing only the outline of the research, and up-load it.